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Revolution in Wedding Planning

Wedzig is a global online peer-to-peer marketplace that takes the stress out of planning your wedding event. This is an online platform that has everything you need for your wedding in one place. Wedzig is designed to simplify the event planning and execution process by providing access to the huge selection of professional and best wedding-related products and wedding services with prices and customer reviews so you can plan your dream wedding in the comfort of your home. The platform incorporates full technological capabilities with a built-in event management toolkit, which combined with user-friendly filtration will help to find the perfect match for the offers that suit any style, theme or budget.

With Wedzig you can get creative and combine everything from wedding venue with stylish catering services to the most creative wedding light projections and a DJ who plays your favourite wedding songs. At this one-stop-shop marketplace, you can book your selection instantly with just one click. Wedzig has comparison tools and advanced filtration techniques so you can find offerings for a preferred price while getting the max quality by comparing reliability of vendors, execution scorings, quality of services, backed up with licenses, certificates and insurances to minimize the risk. Also, you may enjoy the free cancellation while booking at an early stage of planning.

No more time wasted. Contact vendors for more information directly on Wedzig and pay via a secure transaction system. All vendors on Wedzig have insurance so you can enjoy your big day with peace of mind.

Wedzig will open your eyes to new possibilities and creative ideas to combine various offerings full of different cultural traditions with no boundaries.


The New Way

What makes Wedzig community different?


Global – Find the best products and services, wherever you are, and get inspired by different cultures and traditions.

Smart – The fast and easy way to source everything you need for your big day, and to compare products and services to guarantee the best value for money.

Creative – Explore endless creative ideas, styles and possibilities, and open your eyes to opportunities that you may never have considered!

Reliable – Directly compare services, and check out trustworthy ratings and recommendations from real users, for peace of mind.

Dynamic – The Wedzig community is always growing, with new and diverse services and opportunities to explore.

Unique – A new way to plan a wedding – practical, fun and stress-free!


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