Vendor payment process

When finalizing your vendor account you will be asked to provide bank account details along with a few identification details such as your date of birth or your legal entity’s name. The security of your information is of the utmost importance to us, which is why Wedzig has partnered with a top-certified PCI compliant payments provider, Stripe, to ensure your information is kept safe. All your information will be automatically and securely passed on to Stripe. We will not pass your details to anyone else or use your details for any other reason! Be attentive when typing in your bank account routing number and bank account number since we will transfer your payment based on the details you provide here. 

Please note that we request all this information to verify your legal identity and keep our platform secure from any kind of fraud. If you have questions or need help contact us via phone +1 325 5004 004 or email

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Thank you for visiting our website. At the moment, we accept vendor registrations. We will open our website for visitors in one month.X
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