Vendors may request up to 50% of the service price as a Prepayment. Vendors may request this prepayment sum not earlier than 7 days from the moment of booking by a customer because this period is a free-cancellation period for customers, unless the booking was a 'last-minute'. Vendor prepayments are non-refundable for buyers, except in the event of cancellation by vendor.   

A booking is considered confirmed 7 calendar days after the booking moment when the customer payment method is confirmed and successfully charged. The cancellation of a confirmed booking by a vendor requires intensive logistical support and can impact the high standard of service by which Wedzig’s marketplace operates. As such, in the event of any cancellation of a confirmed booking by a vendor, Wedzig reserves the right to impose penalties on the vendor’s account including an amount equal to Wedzig's actual damages and suspending or terminating the vendor’s account. A cancellation of a confirmed booking by a vendor must be made within the 7-day free cancelation period for the customer and the vendor prepayment must be returned. Failure to comply with the preceding sentence will result in Wedzig charging the vendor the applicable Wedzig Rate. In addition, if any vendor cancels a confirmed reservation, Wedzig may, in its sole discretion, penalize a vendor to make up for any actual losses incurred as a result of the vendor’s cancellation. These losses will include but are not limited to the additional costs required to complete a new reservation for a customer that has been displaced by the vendor’s cancellation. 

Wedzig reserves the right to make adjustments to its cancellation, prepayments and refund policy at any time with no prior notification.  

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