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5 Steps to Select a Venue for a Perfect Wedding

Wedding planning is challenging. Choosing the perfect venue may be one of the most difficult choices you make as a couple while planning your dream wedding. To make planning and choices more effective and efficient, you have to plan the details thoroughly.   
Here are the 5 steps to select your perfect wedding venue.

1. Budgeting

Discuss with your significant how much you are ready to invest in your perfect wedding venue. Make sure to have an honest and open conversation with your partner over determining how much you’re going to spend on the wedding venue will prevent you from temptation and guide you to spend within your discussed price range. A major tip from us, you don’t want to spend more than 50 percent of your budget on a wedding venue.  

2. Finding Options

Don’t book the first venue you come across. Visit several locations and select at least three options that you think are worthy and suitable. Then make a list of pros and cons. Make sure to pay special attention to the venue’s features, amenities, size, lighting, color, and style. These considerations will formulate your judgment so that you come up with a final decision with enjoyment and ease. Think about some venues that are sentimental and special to you as a couple (the place you first met or the place of your proposal, etc.). These thoughts will help you select the genuine location for the wedding ceremony or making of wedding vows. Think about the guests and invitees to the wedding event and make sure that the shortlisted venues will accommodate all of them.

3. Filtering

  • Think about the date of your wedding. If there is a special time span or a distinct day (like the day you confessed to each other, or your parents’ or grandparents’ anniversary day, or a holiday you both like) you may plan the day of the wedding accordingly. Ponder over it ahead of time to agree upon a date. Once it’s possible to reserve the venue for the day of your choice than be ready to do so (you may be asked to make a deposit for reservation). In case the date of your wedding doesn’t matter that much, you may consider arranging the wedding on a date when wedding venues are cheaper. For instance, you will pay less for Friday in February rather than for Saturday in June.
  • Ask for referrals. The best blessings you might get are from past clients. Many of them would be happy to share their experience. Ask them whether they were pleased with the service and quality of the food and drinks and whether the organizers did everything brilliantly to keep you happy by crafting a smashing success.
  • Get venue specifics, like what time it closes. This will give you a better understanding of how long your wedding party will last. Be sure to ask about overtime fees, just in case you want to make the party extra special. 

4. Negotiating

 Know how to negotiate with the wedding vendor on the price. While wedding vendors have fixed prices for their service offerings and usually don't like to bargain, especially during the peak season, they may consider an exception to give additional services at lower rates or at no cost. For example, you may negotiate for a free champaign or to have an extra hour of DJ music to play at their venue. Also, you may consider selecting a wedding vendor with whom you have conducted business earlier as those may be willing to cut costs.
Make sure to discuss whether everything you see in the offering list is exactly what the wedding venue comprised, to avoid any hidden cost and that everything else is available at no additional cost. 

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About author:

Rippie has studied Social Science and is a wedding blog writer at Wedzig and enjoys her work because it helps others make better decisions and discover new opportunities.

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