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5 Things to Consider for Your Wedding Catering

Some brides get lucky and come up with the perfect option for a wedding venue which provides onsite catering too. However, others need to add caterers to their vendor list, and this is when things can become tricky. If you find yourself puzzled and stuck whilst making your decision, here are five major things to consider when choosing the right caterer.

1. Figure out your budget

Don’t email any vendor before you have decided how much you are willing to spend on catering. Drink and food will most likely be the largest portion of your budget. Coming up with a catering budget early on will help you discern which catering companies you can afford. Get multiple proposals from companies, so that you can compare and contrast the cost, the service and the menu. If it is your job to tell the caterer how many guests are expected and what style of affair you are having, then it’s the caterer who needs to propose the number of appetizers, courses, waiters, bartenders, coordinators and chefs. Review the cost of alcohol to decide if you should get your beverage supplies elsewhere. Many catering companies allow the purchase of alcohol separately as well as providing bartenders. Also, check if the caterer provides tables, chairs, linens and dinnerware as well. Most catering companies do, others collaborate with rental companies. While this may be an extra fee, coordinating these essential rentals through one company can be easier and maybe even cheaper than balancing two or three companies when setting your tables.

2. Consider your and your guests’ taste in food

The bride and the groom deserve to feel special in every way on their day of union. Make sure your favorite dishes are included in the menu. Having said this, all the guests deserve tasty dishes to commemorate the day as well. Choose a caterer that takes allergies, conditions and personal beliefs into account. For example, some people are allergic to peanuts or seafood, others can’t eat high-sodium foods and others are vegetarians and follow vegan lifestyles. Make sure that everyone who attends your wedding banquet has something matching their health needs and their personal convictions. You can even go with a caterer that allows wedding participants to choose their dish beforehand. This is especially desirable if you are holding a planned wedding with a specific guest list that you know in advance. Whenever possible, let each guest know ahead of time what options are available, so that they can choose the meal that will make them happy and satisfied.

3. Learn more about the company

Another good thing that will lead you to the best decision is figuring out more about the catering company you have chosen. To be certain that you are making the right choice, you may even want to have a taste of the dishes provided by that company before your special event. Check if the company offers sampling. If the company doesn't offer sampling you can at least read some reviews about their service from the previous clients to find out if they were satisfied.  Also, don’t forget to make sure that the company has all the proper documents and certificates to provide food and drinks during special occasions and events. You can find all this information under the Description section of each offering.

4. Ask what uniform the servers and waiters are going to wear    

Another thing that may interest you is what kind of uniforms the caterers and servers will be wearing. You may think they are going to be in tuxedos or suits and ties, but this is not always the case since not all the services have this as their standard.  In this case you will want to see if there are any photos in which the caterers or servers are in uniform, but even if not, you can even try to message the catering company to find out more information. Some couples are concerned by this question, because they want to make sure that the uniforms of the caterers or servers are not going to conflict with the wedding décor or the bride and groom’s style of apparel. For example, if the couple is dressed in a casual way, then accordingly they wouldn’t want the caterers to be overdressed in opposition.

5. Availability, terms and conditions

Some couples have their favorite season, or a specific day of the year, in which they would like to be wed. Check if the catering company you have chosen is available on your special day.  Make sure to learn all the details about booking and cancellation terms. You need to be well aware and acquainted with all the terms and conditions. Be in contact with the company if you have any kind of question regarding the terms and conditions or the service itself. All the vendors can be contacted directly on their offering's page on www.wedzig.com. So don’t hesitate to message and discuss all your concerns in reference to what you have learned or what you want to learn about their service. You can form an impression of the company by the way it answers your questions as well. Pay attention to how prompt and satisfying their answers are. Also, if they have posted pictures that illustrate their service, make sure you have a good look at them. There are catering services which even post videos, so that the clients can make their own judgments on the quality standards of the company.

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Rippie has studied Social Science and is a wedding blog writer at Wedzig and enjoys her work because it helps others make better decisions and discover new opportunities.

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