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Fall and Winter 2018 Wedding Trends & Ideas

Fall and winter seasons are upon us. Those who are planning to have their wedding during the end of this year may want to know more details about these upcoming, seasonal wedding trends and ideas. Fortunately, this year brings about a few new wedding trends and ideas that will enhance the excitement of your big day. Below, you will find some of the main wedding trends for these fall and winter seasons.


Wedding color and fashion

When envisioning your perfect wedding, there are a lot of details to take into consideration:  the venue, the décor, the bridal party attire and many other elements that can seem overwhelming and stressful. One of the ways to simplify the decision-making process is to come up with the main color scheme of the wedding.  The first step in leading to your best choice is in undertaking your own research to find out which colors are the most popular and trendy for that particular season of the year. Here you may find some of your favorite colors, or the ones that you think would set a more romantic and beautiful atmosphere (for example, in regard to the decoration of the venue or the wedding dress).

The most popular wedding colors this fall contain a range of plum and burgundy. Pastel and neutral accents remain good complementary colors, as they also add a touch of romance. Meanwhile, crisp white has been replaced by ivory, creating a deeper Victorian palette. If you are looking for a color combination that keeps things more casual and fun, then you may think of plum and grey, as they are considered to be very popular during the winter season, and they pair together perfectly. The color grey will provide both a casual and a classy sharp look, while plum tones will create an inspiring, charming and outgoing vibe. To keep your wedding elegant with an organic twist, you may consider incorporating black and olive colors during wintertime. Black always creates a classic look, and the olive color adds a more modern and warm taste to the overall presentation. You can also incorporate the olive color into the table centerpieces, or the flower bouquets carried by the bridesmaids.  Another perfect color combination would be marsala and navy. Marsala perfectly stands out in wedding photographs, sets a passionate, impulsive and dramatic tone, while navy brings a sense of balance, perfectly complementing bold colors. Together they create a mood of passion and elegance that would look beautiful incorporated into bridal party attire or the details of the wedding décor.

grey, plum and burgundy wedding color code


Wedding reception

Winter and fall, seasonally, bring out some of Nature’s more beautiful and elegant features, including delicate leaves, snowflakes, colors of gold and silver.  Some of the most dynamic wedding receptions are done with the colors gold and silver, which add a touch of elegance to the event.  Add in feathers, lightly colored tablecloths, and even transparent vases filled with greenery.  If you want your wedding reception to be more formal, then you may go for tall candles and ornate candelabras.  If you want to keep the wedding reception rustic and casual, bring the outdoors in with leaf-adorned branches.  The beautiful changing colors of the leaves will act as their own décor.


Wedding decorations

If you are planning to wed during fall or winter, you may want to add some warm colors in the decoration to achieve a more welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Warm decoration could mean adding brightly colored flowers, or perhaps dark colors with a healthy blend of highlighting (for example burgundy flowers with light greenery).  It is very popular to use whites, silvers and classic black to create a seasonal aesthetic for weddings during colder months. This trend is a pleasant one and brings out the best of aesthetics, while also being easier to create in various wedding venues. Additionally, there is an alternate trend which includes more rustic touches such as using darker colors like forest green, browns and reds. Many rustic décor items may also include things like wood lanterns, reeds and more. This trend may especially be useful for the decoration of outdoor wedding venues.


wedding decoration


Wedding gifts & favors

In addition to an awareness of the person’s taste, when choosing wedding gifts, one of the necessary things that one has to consider is the cost.  When these two questions reconcile, you may come up with a lot of possible options of gifts. The best gifts for a wedding during winter and fall can include mugs, mason jars, greenery, spirited beverages (like brandy, whisky, vodka, wine), etc.

Although you may discover after the wedding party, some or all of the guests are too drunk, too tired or too forgetful to pick up their party favor on their way out, you still need to consider good wedding favors anyway. If you and your spouse can come up with creative and interesting ideas, then choosing wedding favors can definitely cost you less money and be much more affordable than you may at first think. For instance, it can be something handwritten. There isn’t a more memorable way of showing your guest your gratitude and thankfulness for their attendance than putting it all in words. You and your spouse may write creative individual letters to your family members and friends to thank them for showing up at your wedding. Or you can send your guests home from your fall or winter wedding with a homemade hot chocolate kit, complete with all the sweet essentials needed to make this beloved beverage. Refine your bouquet-making abilities by preparing little bouquets consisting of dried flowers for the guests to pick up on the way out. Instead of regular paper bindings, you can use music sheets to keep the stems together. Another option would be preparing a small can of wine with a personalized note attached to it for each of the guests. These are just some of the possible wedding favors you can choose from; you may come up with more ideas if you ponder over it.

Wedding cake

If you and your spouse are planning to have the wedding during the fall or winter of this year, then you may also want to know what the essential trends for wedding cakes are. If we talk about the decoration of the cake, then instead of adorning the cake with verdant designs or sugary flowers, couples often go for a cleaner, more textured look, decorated with small bunches of blooms and greenery. It can also be dressed up with flavorful drizzles of caramel or ganache. As for the size of the cake, the general trend is toward its becoming smaller, because usually other unique treat alternatives come during dessert time.


Wedding Cake

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